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Two Factor Authentication

For years companies have been deploying external services for employees and collaborators to provide access to online resources and remote work environments. Yet, with the increasing amount of Internet-based threats, using static passwords is not secure enough and implementing strong authentication mechanisms has become a necessity.

Spectra Authenticator addresses the problem of authentication and access control of end-users to Microsoft environments and AppAnywhere. Spectra Authenticator supports many authentication mechanisms with event-based, time-based and challenge-based Tokens, out-of-band SMS and Mail, Yubikey, etc...

Two Factor authentication has been around for some time now, it is a practical way to add further security to the user logon sequence, this is accomplished by requiring a second factor to the username/password sequence.

To understand Two Factor authentication we need to know how a user can be authenticated. There are currently three ways:

Two Factor authentication a combination of any two of the above three ways. When this is applied to the business world it is usually made from points 1 and 2. This is because point 3 Biometrics is very expensive and very complicated to roll out and end user experience can be troublesome.

Two Factor is made up of something that a user knows and something the user owns. The device that they own then provides a solution where a Passcode is generated locally or is received by SMS.

The logon sequence now requires a password, and a passcode to be entered. By providing 2 separate factor of user logon now provides protection to the real user.


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