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Host your CRM of your choice with SpectraCloud


CiviCRM is designed for meeting the needs of non-profit organizations. While CiviCRM is a highly customizable customer relationship management tool, it can also meet your needs right out of the box.


SugarCRM helps businesses to develop and maintain customer relationships with their innovative and flexible software. Businesses can use SugarCRM for personalized interactions with their customer base throughout the entire lifecycle.


Every aspect of Zurmo is designed to be a meaningful and pleasant experience thanks to a clean user interface. Zurmo uses gamification to encourage friendly competition, leading to enhanced productivity among team members.


VTiger helps you improve sales conversions, extend your marketing reach, and build lasting relationships with your customers. Learn more about your customers and make your sales team more efficient than ever before with VTiger.


SuiteCRM is one of the most popular CRM solutions available worldwide. SuiteCRM is powerful, flexible and easy-to-use, all reasons why it's an excellent alternative to Salesforce and other proprietary solutions.


EspoCRM is customer relationship management software used to enter, view and assess your organization's relationships. It helps you increase profits by developing loyal customer relationships.


Zenbership is a CRM designed specifically for membership-style websites. Zenbership makes it easier for you to convert your leads into subscribing members.

YetiForce CRM

YetiForce is a flexible CRM with an easy-to-use interface. YetiForce offers medium and large-sized businesses with a highly customizable solution to help them increase profits.


X2CRM is an enterprise level CRM solution designed for smaller businesses. Its powerful functionality will help you developer stronger customer relationships.


EPESI is a CRM that greatly simplifies the organization of your business information. EPESI's modular design makes it easy to customize to your organization's requirements.


A CRM to support and organize your employees, contacts, sales proposals, orders and more. Each feature works together to become a high powered information center for your organization.

Fat Free CRM

Fat Free is a CRM written with Ruby on Rails. Fat Free CRM is extremely customizable to your needs and has an elegant, simple design. Manage your leads and build your campaigns with Fat Free.


OroCRM is loaded with built-in marketing resources designed to help you build and manage your eCommerce business. Use OroCRM's 360 degree customer view to follow your customer from lead to full lifecycle.

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