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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Whether it is a small, medium or large-sized enterprise, it is likely to be dependent on bulk volumes of data created on everyday basis. Some of that data can be extremely important for the survival and continuity of the business operations. A data loss can occur due to hardware failure, human error, malware or hacking and its impact could be of great significance. Hence, there is a need of backup and restoration plan for safeguarding the essential electronic information.

The creation of an impressive disaster recovery and business continuity plan is itself a complex process that involves numerous steps such as risk analysis, identification of preventive measures, developing a plan of recovery strategies, implementation and testing, and continuous maintenance to keep it updated with the current technologies. But, you don't have to worry about any of the mentioned procedures once you outsourced services from Spectra Cloud's.

Spectra Cloud's DR solutions are designed considering all the issues you may have to deal with after an event of disaster. In-fact, not a single component is missed that may cause delays in maintaining continuity. All our strategies are developed intelligently to cover your loss in minimal span of time without spending a big amount of budget on the same.


  •  Reduce CapEx
  •  DR on public, private and hybrid cloud
  •  Multi-tenancy
  •  Incredibly low RPO and RTO
  •  Automated recovery failover
  •  Automated and regular DR drills
  •  Pay-per-use DRaaS
  •  Custom and Out of the Box solutions
  •  Monitor your DR infrastructure and replication
  •  Stringent and distinct SLA
  •  DNS failover
  •  Array-based replication
  •  Database Replication

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