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Email Archival

SpectraCloud's Online email archiving solutions let you store the entire contents of your mailbox off-site in one secure location, helping you reduce storage costs, protecting your business' electronic data, allowing you to promptly respond to legal requests and industry-specific regulations and enabling you recover more quickly from a disaster.

This cost effective hosted email archiving solution helps you meet industry requirements on the storage and distribution of electronic data. Whether you need to archive your data to meet SEC, NASD, HIPAA, or other governmental regulations, our hosted archiving service assists your organization in meeting these regulations.

Email archiving can help you protect vital corporate data, decrease the cost of data storage and backup and accelerate e-discovery requirements during legal action. Benefits include large storage, ease of data capture, quick and easy data retrieval, preservation of all data and rapid recovery from a disaster.

Legal and Economical Advantages

Legal Safeguard for Email Compliance

  • Email Archiving helps companies meet a growing number of regulations on email compliance, eDiscovery, and other legislation
  • Email Archiving is also an important tool that helps these companies protect themselves against general legal risk or customer complaints

Lowering IT Costs and Expenditures

  • Overloaded servers, increasing storage costs, and complex backup and restore processes place an enormous strain on IT departments and their budgets
  • Email Archiving permanently reduces these costs
  • It also shields against financial risks stemming from data loss or legal conflicts

Independence and Security

  • At many companies, emails are not stored locally under the company's control but on external servers
  • This means that you must rely solely on the provider's backup routine, and that the provider will be around in the future
  • By archiving all externally-managed data, you can build on this trust through a simple and effective backup strategy

Total Protection against Data Loss

100% Complete Archiving

  • Email Archiving enables the complete archiving of all email within a company
  • By archiving all email as soon as it is received or sent, you can make absolutely sure that all your company's email is archived
  • Email Archiving also allows your existing email to be archived in a central location

Independence of Cumbersome PST Files

  • PST files are prone to data loss or corruption, have a huge impact on storage and backup and can be an eDiscovery nightmare
  • With Email Archiving you can archive and backup all PST files of the company centrally

Prevent Users from Deleting Emails

  • Users can delete important emails at will, without this being noticed
  • Users often delete all their mailboxes upon leaving a company
  • This means your company loses important data every day
  • Email Archiving can eliminate such risks completely

Simplify Backup and Restore

Reduce Backup and Restore Times

  • By reducing the mail server's data load, it can be backed up much more easily, i.e., more quickly, and also restored more quickly in the event of a failure

One-Click Restore for All Users

  • Users can restore emails from the archive with a single mouse-click
  • The administrator no longer has to go through the time-consuming process of recovering them from the backup

Access to Emails when Servers Fail

  • When a mail server is out of service or data is lost, email admin at the company can access all emails via the email archive
  • This allows you to continue operating your business without any disruptions at all
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