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Email Migration

Ready to migrate your in-house or hosted email environment, but not sure where to start? SpectraCloud provides Flexible Email Migration options to help meet your technical and budget requirements.

Let us know and we will manage the process of data migration to SpectraCloud. Our Support Team is there to help make your email migration easy and successful.

What we migrate

Our support team backs you in every step on the way of email migration.
When you choose email hosting from SpectraCloud, we migrate the items below for the following platforms:

Email migration is free when you choose SpectraCloud Enterprise Email Platform.

How it works

Assisted Migrations

Moving mail to a new provider can be a complex process. Our Assisted Migration service will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with having a dedicated support personnel to help guide you through every step of the process. An Assisted Migration is ideal if you need consulting, planning and scheduling services for your migration.



We support migrations from Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 (in-house and hosted), Google Apps/Gmail, GroupWise 7/8, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, POP, and IMAP, Qmail, Cpanel, Plesk, mDaemon, etc.
Yes. Our highly experienced support personnel have helped customers migrate from a variety of environments. If the migration speed does not meet your expectations, we can also migrate via .pst files using FTP.
Getting your email data migrated to SpectraCloud is free of charge if you opt for Enterprise Email Hosting. You can request for an Assisted Migration with our support team.
Migration times vary per customer. Some migrate in hours and others migrate in days or weeks. The migration process is a partnership between you and the SpectraCloud Assisted Migration Team. Please consider your availability and resources when planning your migration, as they will be needed for the testing phase of the migration and will impact the overall timeline.
We use a combination of automated tools and experienced support personnel to perform the migration. At each step of the migration, we stay in close contact with your team to help you get a successful outcome.
Once you submit your migration request, you may need to provide the source server URL and information for the mailboxes to be migrated. A spreadsheet will be available to assist with this process.

*Start with a test migration to help ensure we can connect to your existing mail server.

*Include all mailboxes for one domain. You can combine multiple domains if they'll be migrated from the same external mail server. (Migrations from multiple mail servers are treated independently.)

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