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Server Colocation

Server colocation is the practice of renting space in a data center by organizations to house their IT infrastructure and utilize these resources remotely. In such an arrangement, the client owns the servers and networking equipment whereas, the data center provides physical space, bandwidth, cooling, power, security and other related data center infrastructure. Colocation provides clients the freedom to acquire and configure their IT hardware according to their specific business needs and are not limited by choice of hardware components.

SpectraCloud provides state-of-the-art data center infrastructure for organizations to colocate their business critical IT hardware. Our server colocation hosting facilities are an ideal solution for organizations wanting to move from an on premise IT infrastructure environment to the data center. Partnering us helps the organizations to reduce their operational costs significantly as they no longer need to endure high power, air-conditioning, and security costs of managing an in-house data center facility. With our managed colocation services, clients are also freed from daily maintenance tasks and free to focus on other key business priorities. Further, server colocations helps businesses reduce their internal IT resource costs as lesser resources are required to manage its IT infrastructure.

SpectraCloud data center is located in low seismic and low flood risk zone in National Capital Region of India. This secures the clients IT resources from common natural calamities. The Data Center facilitiey is well secured to prevent any man-made calamities like fire or terror attacks. Backed by N+1 redundancy, carrier neutrality and high security protocols, the server colocation facilities are well equipped to manage the server colocation hosting requirements of businesses of all sizes and scale. In short, SpectraCloud is the ideal partner of choice for businesses looking to colocate their data center infrastructure.

Plans & Pricing

Value Series
INR.4000 /month
  • 1 U Server Unit Space
  • 100 GB Data Transfer
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • Free Set Up
  • 1 Server
Pro Series
INR.10,000 /month
  • 5 U Server Unit Space
  • 200 GB Data Transfer
  • 4 IP Addresses
  • Free Set Up
  • 3 Servers Max
Super Series
INR.19,995 /month
  • 10 U Server Unit Space
  • 500 GB Data Transfer
  • 4 IP Addresses
  • Free Set Up
  • 6 Servers Max
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