Business Continuity Planning

All corporations plan for BCP or Business Continuity Planning. Be it a startup or multi national corporation. This is an important activity which all the businesses undertake to safeguard future course of operations by protecting their business critical data by keeping timely back-ups and safeguarding computer systems. Businesses invest heavily in these processes.

All stakeholders give their inputs in advance as part of the risk management strategy to protect for the future. These potential risks could be any. These could be related to natural disasters, some office accidents or be it the advance cyber-attacks. Planning in advance is highly critical.

There are some key stages involved in Business Continuity Planning:

  • Identifying the risks
  • Creating safeguarding plans for those risks
  • Training the company personnel from time to time
  • Testing the systems from time to time
  • Improving these processes from time to time

BCPs Business Continuity Planning works very differently from disaster recovery plans. Disaster recovery plans works only after the crisis has already taken place whereas BCPs are planning in advance for the potential threats that may take place.

How should be your BCP Business Continuity Plan?

There are some important stages which corporations must follow:

Business Impact Analysis:

At this stage businesses need to identify which are the resources which needs to be protected.

Recovery Plans:

Corporations plan for the systems which will be implemented in advance in case of the disaster for the data recovery.


Continuity teams are formed which works dedicated on BCPs. Their main responsibilities are to gather inputs from different stakeholders about the future data requirements and to plan for preserving them from time to time.


These teams are trained from time to time so that they can train company officials regarding the BCPs from time to time.

A BCP checklist is shared with all the stakeholders on which they work throughout the year.

Our team at SpectraCloud can help you plan your business continuity plans with thorough assessment of your IT systems and crticial data and resources needed in the future.