Dedicated Server Hosting

Peace of mind guaranteed with SpectraCloud dedicated server hosting.

All your server space is just yours! So that you could seamlessly manage all your traffic.

By paying slightly higher over the shared server space, you ensure that your CPU, your RAM and bandwidth is all just yours so that all your business-critical applications can run freely. All the traffic flow could be managed 24×7 without any failures. That’s the power of dedicated server hosting.

You are in full control of all your dedicated servers, including updates, provisioning and Operating system.

Our dedicated team work relentlessly to assist you all 365 days, 24×7.

You could choose Windows or Linux dedicated servers to run any of your applications.

Why developers and IT professionals choose dedicated server hosting?


Your dedicated servers are always fully secure for your business-critical applications. You get dedicated server hosting with all the needed regulations and compliances.


Flexible root level access for your business-critical applications.


Scale it at any time using pay-per-use space.


Crunch numbers, run high speed applications at any time.

Which Dedicated Server you should choose?

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

The choice is totally yours to choose your favourite OS environment. If Windows is your all time favourite then you have a choice to go for Windows OS at no extra cost. You pay for only dedicated server hosting. Supports Sharepoint, ASP, ASP.NET, SQL Server or Access databases.

Our Windows Certified professionals help you migrate, manage and host all your complex environment.

Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are an open source supporter then you have a choice to go with Linux. This is equally good for your business-critical applications. Similar to Windows this also comes with no extra cost, you pay for only dedicated server hosting. Supports MYSQL or PHP environments and applications.

And be rest assured all our dedicated servers support all the versions of Linux.

Reach out to us for any technical help! Dedicated Toll Free Technical Helpline numbers.

What are the benefits of dedicated server hosting?

  • Think Fast. Blazing speed for extremely complex applications with the latest generation of processors. Crunch numbers, run Magento or manage PHP applications. These amazing machines support all.
  • Global Security Standards. Never loose your data with the latest in security implemented. At No extra security costs. Our dedicated servers help you meet all global security guidelines. Comes with all the certifications.
  • Awake 24×7. Your business is 24×7 and so will be your dedicated servers. Your dedicated machines are working all the time with absolutely no down-time so that you could sleep patiently. We offer cost-free server support all the time.
  • Free Provisioning. We provision your servers in almost no time. With years of experience in hosting, our teams provide you instant support.
  • Full Root Access. Highly customisable. You could perform any root level actions at any time in your dedicated server space.

Call our Toll free 24×7 dedicated server hosting helpline

Select your configuration

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What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

In case of dedicated server hosting your server on cloud is not shared with any other business or any other individual. All the bandwidth, CPU, RAM is dedicated only for your business and all the traffic on your business websites or applications. Yours is only yours!

What is Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting?

With fully managed dedicated server hosting we manage all your hardware management and let you concentrate on your business. This also means time saving for your family and leisure activities. Whether yours is a start-up or an established business, this immediately provides your business a launchpad to launch business critical applications.

Is my data safe in Dedicated Server hosting?

Of course! We want your business to be safe all the time. We automatically update your hardware with the latest in secure-tech. And your data is always doubly safe meeting all the security guidelines and global certificates. We automatically run security patches as per your requirements and notify you if there are any shortcomings.

What are the benefits of upgrading from Shared Hosting to Dedicated Server Hosting?

This simply means you do not share your hardware resources with any other business on the cloud. Which simply means all the processors work dedicatedly for your business, all the time. All the bandwidth which you would have shared with any other business is now allocated for your online business.

How much time does it take to migrate from shared to dedicated server hosting?

This usually takes couple of hours for most of the applications and a day or two for complex applications migration to dedicated server hosting. Our 24×7 teams assist you totally in migrations.