DaaS Hosting  (Desktop as a Service) brings Windows desktops, apps, flexibility and file sharing to a mobile world.

Driven by SpectraCloud, Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) authorizes users to access business apps and desktops anytime. Cloud-based hosted desktops offer great flexibility for utilizing Windows apps and business data through any device.

Spectra Cloud Enhances the Value of Hosted Desktops

Go beyond just a cloud desktop with the mobile device management, plus file share and sync. SpectraCloud offers end-to-end hosted business services required by modern end-users working in a mobile environment. Secure, mobile and fully hosted services with a monthly fee.

Advantages Of Desktop As A Service (DaaS)

Regardless of the systems being used, desktop virtualization can cut down the up-front costs as well as the maintenance and support expenses that incurred through conventional client computing at a very significant rate.

In real picture, it can mitigate the majority of the security concerns that are innate in mobile computing applications along with an improvement in the business continuity and disaster recovery. It need not be a solution of one-size-fits-all kind; though, many companies have realized that desktop virtualization potentially boosts the agility and mobility requisite for today’s fast-moving business world by sustaining the present and future capabilities companies need to compete.

SpectraCloud can Help to Reduce Cost via DaaS

The push to virtualize corporate desktop and laptop environments is being driven primarily by the real potential for savings – at every stage of the virtualization process. Considering the up-front costs, a major advantage of desktop virtualization is that the traditional fat client, having all its accompanying applications preloaded, is no longer a necessity. Instead, employees can work on their own devices or much simpler and cost-effective thin systems that rely on centralized operating systems and applications, which can be remotely accessed instead of being stored permanently on the device.

Boost Employee Productivity via virtual desktop hosting

For employees, the upside is quite obvious – they will be able to access their work from any device, anywhere, anytime. They can simply log into company’s system such as ERP, CRM, and call center applications easily, gripping up from where they left-off, with complete access to corporate databases. With the advent of high-end “developer clouds,” even software developers, who require specifically powerful and expensive computers, can work more flexibly through virtualization, while the business also leverage increased productivity and better quality. And, desktop virtualization over’s much more reliability; the computer problems faced by fat clients need not slow down workers to the degree they have in the past.

Make IT Management More Efficient

Beyond the potential cost savings, desktop virtualization offers IT departments a range of opportunities to streamline operations as the operating systems as well as work-related systems and applications are now centralized; it has become easier for IT professionals to manage and upgrade their company’s technology assets from one location. The central infrastructure can be easily scaled, as required, to add computing power and storage so to increase the number of end-users.

DaaS Cloud Desktops Reduces the Stress of IT Management

Spectra Cloud DaaS Hosting Technical Features and Offerings

Cloud hosted Desktop Support

The technical support to cloud desktop directly comes from SpectraCloud. SpectraCloud’s support team manages the hosted desktops and answer any DaaS queries for the business.

Cloud Desktop Access

Employees can simply start accessing their cloud desktop. Use any device – PC, Mac, iPad, tablet or Smartphone – for logging in and accessing the cloud desktop, along with data and applications. Cloud desktops provide the mobility, convenience and liberty to get work done.

Prompt Customer Service

SpectraCloud takes care of the IT around hosted desktops so that SMBs can focus on their core business activities. Whether it is about backups, software updates, anti-virus, disaster recovery and cloud desktop modifications, service provider or partner will handle it all.

Business Model

Service providers offer hosted desktops and application services on the basis of per month per user. Instead of costly software and hardware that may not be fully exploited, cloud desktops offer more flexibility to the businesses for adding or removing users as per the requirement.


SpectraCloud offers Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) through a datacenter, public cloud or private cloud. Simply go for an option that best suits your local or global business needs.