What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud = Public Cloud + Private Cloud

In hybrid cloud you get the power of isolation, security of firewalls and the flexibility of public cloud. Making it suit your IT requirements. So that you could serve those clients who demand additional security features and flexibility of running public cloud applications and environments. This means some of your applications could be hosted on the private cloud and some of the applications could be hosted in the public cloud. Giving you the hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Benefits of going in for Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Cost Advantage

Without any technological investment businesses even, start-ups can take advantage of the latest in technology by using hybrid cloud. With our IaaS pay-per-use model, businesses can opt for their configuration basis their IT requirements. We have kept our pricing structure very linear and extremely simple.

Day 0 Latest Technology

Start-ups love the idea of using hybrid cloud hosting these days. Because they are in the business from Day 0 by paying a small cloud subscription fee. Because this serves the hybrid nature of their business. While this hybrid infrastructure is secure, it is also flexible at the same time. Security + Performance both comes as a party of hybrid IT infrastructure.

Partial Isolation

While your private cloud is totally isolated but at the same time you have shared IT infrastructure which is sharable at the same time in public cloud. So its total and partial at the same time, playing the dual roles for your IT requirements.

Global Security Standards

With our hybrid cloud infrastructure, while we offer SSL, firewalls in the private cloud. At the same time we offer the shared infrastructure with the standard industry security features in the public cloud. Providing with the latest in security technologies.


With our auto scaling system, your processors, application development environments are always scalable to match your business needs. Firewalls, anti-virus, multi-factor user authentication and data encryption, and routine security audits comes part of the package.

Free Migration Support

Our dedicated terms are available at every hour on any day of the week. With dedicated Toll Free Helpline Nos. you are just a phone call away for any IT support. We ensure your business is up as soon as possible.

Cloud Grid

We have invested heavily in our cloud infrastructure and have created extensive mesh to interconnect our data centres. You can choose to work with the mesh nearest to your geographical proximity of your customers or within your organisation within the firewalls so that performance is never compromised. Offering you the hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Free Local Support

Dial our Toll Free Helpline Nos. for any support. Our local support teams are at their desk 24×7 and 365 days. We offer full support for your always online business with our in-house dedicated support teams.


We are a start-up, should we use hybrid cloud hosting?

Why not! It your business or clients demands private cloud, and your IT team requires sharable infrastructure for their development and the openness of public cloud this makes total business sense. To combine the two so that they can complement each other and still stay isolated.

We are a mobile applications development company what are the advantages for us?

Going in for private cloud is much useful if you are storing critical customer data or hosting client applications. Private cloud gives you additional security environment with in the cloud environment. Similarly, you could run applications on public cloud, if there is a need of slightly open environment. This way you could save on a lot of costs.

What are the initial IT requirements of moving to hybrid cloud hosting?

There are no such requirements, because you can start building your applications or hosting from Day 0. And you get access to the latest apps environments that comes along with private cloud environment. And we offer you the additional firewalls that your organisation or clients ask for. For public cloud as well, requirements are the same.

How much does it cost to start?

Totally depends on your budget and requirements, you could choose your configurations of a private cloud hosting and public cloud hosting that comes in your budget. You already save money on not purchasing your own servers, physical space for keeping those servers. Your business is up from Day 0, so could even expect revenues from Day 0. There are so many advantages!