Organizations world over hire professional IT firms to manage the IT infrastructure. Because they are faced with multiple requirements and challenges at any point in time. As long as the business is running. IT infrastructure management is almost indispensable for any internet or IT based business. 

Some of the most common challenges that any IT business management team faces are:

Aging hardware:

Corporations have to continually upgrade their hardware with software patches, newer hardware technologies and storage spaces. We at SpectraCloud manage these functions for your organisation. With our special analytics led dashboards that continuously monitor your IT infrastructure usage.

Multiple IT environments:

Our teams at SpectraCloud monitor, analyse and recommend the most suited IT infrastructure for your organization. That saves time, cost and human capital to manage the existing IT infrastructure.

Resource Utilization:

Headcounts is always an issue with an IT organization so we at SpectraCloud use different services like virtualization, cloud storage, AI technologies to better identify the required resources and help to automate the processes wherever possible. Guiding your organization 24×7 using our IT edge.

Budgetary limitations:

Hardware and Software are never on the strategic priority list while corporations plan for their annual budgets. We identify the strategic priorities and give business valuable advice to our clients to help them better plan their IT infrastructure.

Complex IT:

IT technologies are ever changing and ever upgrading. Our IT expert teams are always on-the-toes to provide you with proactive advice to simplify your IT infrastructure. We are constantly studying the latest in technologies to simplify infrastructure for our clients.

What do we manage as part of Infrastructure management service?

At SpectraCloud we offer holistic support for any IT environment. Some of the most common ones are listed here. This list is almost endless. Reach out to us! Our 24×7 teams are always-on to offer support and work on your requirements: 

  1. Servers: Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, Dell/EMC, AWS, Lenovo, Sun/Oracle, Linux
  2. Storage: Dell/EMC, HPE, NetApp, Sun/Oracle, Hitachi 
  3. Networks: Cisco, Apstra, Huawei, Veriflow, Citrix, Juniper
  4. Open Source Application Servers: Apache HTTP, Nginx, Node, PHP, WordPress
  5. Accounting applications: Tally, Busy and Marg
  6. ERP Applications: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Custom ERP