Spectra offers SAP Certified Experts and Support for SAP HANA Hosting.

Why choose SAP HANA Hosting?

An SAP product for enterprise level data processing that is capable of processing over 80 billion observations per second. A perfect IT solution for processing almost real-time transactional and analytical data. As SAP Certified IT Service Provider we now deliver support for SAP HANA. And what you get is dedicated always-on support from our teams who have been trained by none other than SAP itself. 

What is so unique about SAP HANA?

SAP HANA processes your data on-cloud, on-premise or in the hybrid set up. The best part is no multiple copies of data are made in the disk drive. This is one of its kind of a product from SAP that offers in-memory data processing platform. So what you get is the real time insights! Because you save all the time in creating multiple copies of data and immediately starts processing the data as there is always only one copy of data.

Technically how SAP HANA is different?

What are the benefits of using SAP HANA?

Real Time Analysis:

Built for data processing this in-memory platform helps you get real time insights on transactional or analytical data from literally any-source.

Built for performance:

In-memory data processing can help you analyse over billions of observations per second. Capable of processing text, spatial, graph or search related data.

Certified 24×7 Support:

SAP Certified HANA experts provides always-on support so that your IT team doesn’t have to.

Drives Innovation:

Support all application environments be it SAP Apps, Third Party Apps or Custom Apps. This SAP platform is built to support all.

Cost Effective Implementation:

Run your SAP HANA application in any environment to save on costs. Be it private cloud, public cloud or on-premise data centre.

Do you want to move your data hosting to Spectra’s SAP HANA Hosting?

Go ahead and ask our SAP HANA technical support team team at Spectra to give you a demo of SAP HANA hosting. This is one data genie that you will always rely on.