What is a SSL?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is the standard security technology to transfer data from one computer to the server. This establishes an encrypted link between computer to server data transfer. It is a secure protocol used for sending information or data securely over the internet. 

What is a SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are basically data files that digitally assign a cryptographic key to an organisation’s detail. When this is installed on a web server and it activates the https protocol and then a secure connection is established between a web server and a browser. While using an SSL only the user’s computer and a web server are able to recognise a particular data. 

Is it mandatory to have SSL Certificate?

Yes, it is not mandatory if you wish to use HTTPS protocol. It is always recommended to encrypt the credit card data, login data, payment data and personal data such as address while sending it over the internet, to protect it from getting hacked. 

Does having an SSL helps in Google ranking?

Google does rank the websites slightly higher which are secure or are using SSL certificates while transmitting data from client to server. 

What is the use of SSL and HTTPS?

HTTPS is basically secure HTTP. Websites that are using SSL can only use https protocol to establish secure connection between a client / website / browser and the server. Secure information like personal information, payment information, credit card info or login information can be used to send only over the secure protocol. 

Which layer is SSL used?

SSL basically operates on Layer 6 of the OSI model. HTTPS is the application layer protocol that uses SSL on layer 6 for secure transfer of the information. 

Where is SSL used?

In transferring secure credit card information, login information and personal data over the internet SSL is used. Now a days even all the social media sites also use SSL to allow browsing of social data. 

How to purchase & Implement SSL Certificate?

Almost all the domain name providers provide SSL certificates which you could buy in addition to buying a domain name by paying a little extra fee. These SSL certificated come with the registration and expiry date. We at SpectraCloud also offers this service. Please contact us to reach out to our customer Technology support team for the same.