Virtualization Consulting Services 

Corporations across the globe are opting for Virtualization to save on server costs. It is estimated that the global virtualisation market is over 8 billion USD and growing at over 7% annually. Virtualization enables organizations to create virtual servers from the same servers using software instead of using hardware. Virtualization enables multiple operating systems to run on the same single machine. 

Corporations across the globe are opting for various types of Virtualization services to save on costs, to save on IT resources, to save on time in managing different servers, hardware and software. And to bring in work efficiencies.  

Some of the virtualization services we offer are as follows:

OS Virtualization:

Organizations opt for Operating System virtualization to run multiple Operating Systems (OS) on single server than on multiple servers.

Server Virtualization:

Using software it is now possible to partition one server into multiple servers, they run their own OS, applications and software.

Storage Virtualization:

Storage from multiple sources can be pooled into single storage with the help of virtualization to make it look like one single virtual storage.

Network Virtualization:

Here network bandwidth from various resources is pooled and assigned to many devices. It can be shrunk or it can be expanded for devices depending upon the usage and availability.

Desktop & Application Virtualization:

This is a method of separating desktop applications using virtualization from his or her desktop. These virtualized desktops are usually required in data centres or in remote central servers. Using virtualization applications are streamed from servers to users end devices.

Who are the partners of our virtualization services?

At SpectraCloud we have partnered with Microsoft, VMWare and other leading virtualization technology providers to help you with end to end implementation. And with our certified experts we ensure that you always have the best virtualisation services. 

What are the benefits of virtualization?

At SpectraCloud our dedicated virtualization teams will help you with designing an ideal virtualization solution basis your existing resources and future IT resources requirements. And our 24×7 teams help you with server or application migrations with no down-time. Do reach out to our expert teams for your virtualisation needs.