What is vulnerability scanning?

Vulnerability scanning is basically scanning of IT systems using software programs for any weaknesses. This involves scanning all devices, networks, computers for any potential weakness that hackers may attack. This is the prime responsibility of any IT security team that involves assessing and reporting any security weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the system. 

What are the different types of vulnerability scanning?

There are primarily 2 types of vulnerability scanning. 

What is the process involved in vulnerability scanning?

In this whole process of vulnerability scanning, there are multiple steps involved: 

Which vulnerability scanning tools we support?

At SpectraCloud we provide support for the following vulnerability tools for our clients: Qualys, AT&T, Nessus, Skybox, Metasploit, Netsparker, Amazon Inspector, Burp, Nmap etc.

Which open source vulnerability scanning tools we support?

At SpectraCloud we support the following open source tools to identify vulnerabilities: Arachni, XssPy, w3af, Nikto, Wfuzz, OWASP ZAP, Wapiti, Vega, sqlmap etc.  

What are the benefits of using these tools?

Corporations whether startups or large organisations can save millions if they are dealing with customer data, transactional data, personal information of customers. This will not only save down-time in case of attacks from intruders but will also result in potential million dollars loss that may occur in times of cyber attacks.

For more details on vulnerability scanning services for your business, please contact our sales and technical support team.