SpectraCloud network was built from the ground up to provide maximum reliability to our clients while also delivering the lowest latency and highest throughput possible.


The network consists of two separate networks: a public Internet network and a private internal network. This “network within a network” design is comprised of two logically separate and redundant network architectures.

The public Internet network connects client servers to the Internet at 10/100/1000 Mbps port speeds. Each client is isolated to their own private VLAN to maximize security. This network is continuously monitored for performance and reliability.

The private internal network is not reachable from the public Internet. It also separates client servers into their own private VLAN security purposes, and also allows us to provide many services not found at other providers. The private network allows your servers to securely communicate at speeds up to 1000Mbps without incurring any bandwidth charges. This eliminates additional switch charges, cross connect fees.

The private network also connects all servers to internal services offered off-server backup, Network Attached Storage, update servers, local DNS resolvers, service monitoring, IPMI metrics, and software/OS performance metrics all without using any of the public bandwidth allowance.

Bandwidth Providers

We took great care in researching and selecting only the highest quality Tier 1 bandwidth providers for our network to ensure we provide low latency and high availability to all locations both domestically and abroad.

Main Providers are


Our robust and scalable network utilizes only routing and switching products from industry-leaders Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks.At the client access level we use Cisco access switches for both our public and private networks. These switches are connected in a bonded, redundant fashion to our core layer to not only enhance reliability but to reduce the risk of congestion and provide maximum throughput.


Network reliability is also greatly increased as the central hub location allows for many routes between our network and final destination points.


The data center is over-engineered to provide redundancy at every possible point of failure. This includes multiple high speed feeds to the Internet backbone, re-generated power to ensure power purity, batteries and generators in case of power failures.


At the data center level, high speed, high capacity network equipment is used to ensure throughput and best routing over the Internet. Likewise, the SpectraCloud network contained inside the data center uses top of the line network equipment for maximum performance.


Since we manage our own network, we are able to respond with speed and effectiveness whenever an issue arises in the hosting environment.